Monday, June 04, 2012

Some times we need to check if a process is running in a remote server. For this purpose it can be log in using remote desktop or ant other third-party tool like team-viewer. but here problem is need to wast some time on this method. How if you can check the process status of the remote server from your PC? This is the way to achieve that.

windows provide a command "tasklist" to achieve this requirement. So fallowing is the technical description about this.

tasklist /s IPAddress /u username /p password /fi "USERNAME eq processUsername" 

  • IPAddress - IP Address of the remote computer
  • username - User name of the remote computer
  • password - password of the remote computer
  • processUsername - The process you need to monitor should under this user name (you can get user name from Task Manager of the remote computer) . If you no need to filter process by username, you can ignore  "/fi "USERNAME eq processUsername" part from the command

Full bat file

@echo off
echo processing, please wait...
tasklist /s IPAddress /u username /p password /fi "USERNAME eq processUsername"
echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

For more information you can go to this page